Flower care

Carefully unwrap

Carefully unwrap your flowers or bouquet removing all the packaging Take care with a hand tied bouquet, this will be delivered in a bag/box with water make sure you are near a sink to avoid spills.

Strip off all excess foliage and leaves below the water level to reduce and harmful bacteria within the water. Bacteria can block the stem and stop the flowers taking up the water.


Flowers like their stems trimmed. So, trim them, at an angle by one - two centimetres. When trimming stems, always cut at an angle of roughly 45 degrees; this increases the surface area allowing your flowers to absorb more water.

When arranging

Choose a suitable container or vase and arrange your flowers in clean fresh water, with the food provided. Ensure your chosen vase or container is water tight. To get the best from your flowers and to extend their life for as long as possible place your flowers in a cool location, away from draughts, direct heat or sunlight and especially not in a window. Top up regularly with fresh water and change the water every two - three days to get the best from your flowers.


Every "Hills Florist" order is accompanied by a sachet of cut flower food which will encourage buds to open and help to prolong the life and beauty of your flowers. Top up regularly with water and flower food, removing any fading flowers. Ensure the floristry foam used in arrangements is moist and topped up daily; this helps to prolong the life and vibrancy of your arrangements.

Furniture care

Although great care is taken to ensure baskets and containers used with our floral designs are water tight, We strongly recommend placing any fresh flower design on a mat to prevent damage to your surfaces. When watering an arrangement or basket some water may run off the design, we would therefore recommend taking your arrangement to the sink or other suitable place before watering.

Candles used in floral arrangements are for decorative purposes only. Hills Florist can accept no responsibility for damage caused by candles to individuals, furniture or the home.

A few tips for plants

Keep your plants or planted arrangements out of drafts and any direct sunlight. And when it comes to water it’s about finding the right balance - do regularly water but don’t over water. once or twice a week is usually fine. We recommend you place them on a suitable mat or tray to protect your surfaces.